School of Biotechnology

School of Biotechnology
Room O1-706
Phone: +84.8.37244270 Ext 3233; Facsimile: +84.8.37244271
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Established in 2004, School of Biotechnology has become one of leading faculty in International University in terms of its excellences in higher education training, scientific research, and technology transfer. There are four departments within the School including Department of Biotechnology, department of Food Technology, department of Aquatic Resource Management and department of Applied Chemistry.  

Each department offers its own teaching programme which is designed with international higher education standard. All of our teaching programmes have been appreciated by the University’s educational partners from around the world including Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia. The particular programme in Biotechnology’s has also been accredited a quality assurance by Asean University Network.

The School now has its reputation for our research achievement. We demonstrated by becoming the best leading research unit within entire Vietnam National Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh over the past 3 consecutive years. There are in total 16 laboratories for both teaching and research, which are equipped with the state-to-the-art instrumentation. We are always proud of our excellent staff. A high percentage of 96% of our academic staff are PhD holders who graduated from many famous universities namely from the US, the UK, Australia and Asia. The current total number student is approximately more than 1300 for both undergraduate and postgraduate level. This number has been increasing over the years, statistically about 10 to 15% per annual.

Every of our course has 100% student satisfaction. High employability is always the case for all our graduates. More than 85% of the graduates could get jobs offer within six months after their graduation from many domestic and international recruiters. More than 20% of the graduates have been offered scholarships to continue their study at postgraduate level from many famous universities abroad. 

BSc programs



2014 entrance scores

Biotechnology (molecular biology, gene technology; applications in medica,  pharmaceutical, agricultural or industrial practices; new product development)


B, A, A1 & D


Food Technology (food processing, product development, quality control and food safety)


B, A & A1


Aquatic Resource Management (modern aquaculture technologies, management of aquatic environment, aquatic resources development)


B, A, A1 & D


Biochemistry (applications in medical diagnostics and treatments, cosmetics or food professing; drug development and production)


B, A & A1


*A (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics); A1 (Mathematics, Physics, English);  B (Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology); D (Mathematics, Literature, English)

As a prospective student, you can choose one out of four different courses within the School of Biotechnology including Biotechnology, Food Technology, Aquatic Resource Management and Biochemistry. As mentioned, all programmed are designed with international standard that can fulfill the requirements from employment environment in Vietnam and the world. Students will also be offered solid background and skills which allow them to become quick-learners with scientific mindset. All of these courses are delivered using English as the primary language. Prospective students can choose either to study full time in Vietnam or to joint our many joint-programmes. (For more information about International University programmes and joint-programmes, please click here)

Alongside with its academic and research environment, in the School of Biotechnology we also focus on the development of the students soft-skills and entrepreneur potential in science, engineering and technology. Students who graduate from one of our course will expected with a strong academic background with scientific creativity, great adaptability and versatility, and also a fluent English proficiency.