School of Computer Science and Engineering

School of Computer Science and Engineering
Room O1- 610
Phone: (84-8) 37244270 – Ext: 3232


The School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is one of the first four schools of International University (IU), Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City and also one of the first schools in Vietnam achieving the quality assurance certificate of  ASEAN University Network (AUN). With a strong faculty comprising of young, enthusiastic and professional lecturers and technicians, the School of CSE has trained hundreds of Bachelor students in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Network Engineering and Master students in Information Technology Management. These students, with firm knowledge, set of skills and professional working ethics, have joined and become integrated parts in many domestic and international IT companies in Vietnam, or continued their studies oversea with prestigious scholarships to become the next generation of scholars and researchers.
Besides education and training, the School of CSE also focuses on research. Every year, the School's lecturers and researchers take part in several significant research and technology transfer projects, contributing to development of the region and the advancement of International University as a research-oriented university.


The School of CSE aims at providing highly-skilled and professional IT workforce for the demand of industrialization and development of Vietnam. Trained in a modern academic environment, upon graduation, students are equipped with the solid fundamental knowledge and the latest technology update of information technology. Students also possess professional soft skills and good English proficiency for highly competitive international working environment. Not limited to the path of industrial careers, the School also encourages students to participate research activities for academic careers. To ensure quality of education, the training programs are regularly evaluated and improved based on the real demand of IT development and industry.


Students from the School of CSE choose one of three majors for study: Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Network Engineering.

- Computer Science

In the major of Computer Science (CS), students are trained from the fundamentals; such as object-oriented programming, principles of programming languages, to highly pragmatic topics including web and mobile application development and management of information systems. Throughout the courses, students constantly learn updated technology by joining a large number of team projects and research assignments. With strong and updated knowledge, upon graduation, CS students can work in complex projects in the highly competitive software industry.

- Computer Engineering

The major of Computer Engineering (CE) provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge about analysis, design and implementation of digital systems, including computer systems and embedded systems. With the four-year program, students are trained in designing and implementing systems that integrate hardware, system software and control software, starting from the fundamentals of digital systems, computer architecture, micro-processors and embedded systems. Equipped with highly systematic, yet pragmatic knowledge about the field, upon graduation, CE students are warmly welcomed to demanding positions in both domestic and international hardware industry.

- Network Engineering

The major of Network Engineering (NE) equips students with advanced knowledge in both theory and practice of computer systems and networks. The academic program of Network Engineers  starts with fundamental knowledge about computer networks, computer operating systems and network programming, then offers more specialized topics including wireless networks, network administration, network security and distributed computing. Graduated with strong knowledge and ability, NE students are capable and adaptive to wide array of careers.


  • CS graduated students are well-equipped to exceed at every steps in software development process, from requirement analysis and software design to development and maintenance. They can also do research and apply new technologies to wide variety of work scenarios. They are highly demanded at domestic and international software companies, including Navigos, CSC, TMA, Global Cybersoft, FPT and Gameloft.
  • CE graduated students possess a wide array of skills and knowledge to perform demanding tasks of research, design, development and evaluation of hardware devices. They are also trained to manage hardware manufacturing processes and  computer hardware installation. They are highly sought by domestic and international hardware companies in Viet Nam, including Intel, Renesas, Bosch, Arrives Technologies and Innovam SDS.
  • NE graduated students are well-trained in knowledge and technical skills that can be adapted to a wide variety of highly technical tasks, from design, deployment and management of large-scaled network systems to the development of information systems. With solid background and strong adaptability, they are suitable for IT system operators and developers for network centers and information systems at domestic and international banks, stock centers and data centers.