School of Electrical Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering
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Major: Electronic & Communication Engineering
Code: D520207 | Exam Categories: A, A1

 Major: Electronic & Communication Engineering

  • Micro-programming ( Smartphone, Tablet…)
  • Design, Fabricate & Manufacture industrial electronic systems, consumer electronics and advertisement
  • IC Design
  • Design, Operate & Exploit the mobile communication network and other related networks
  • Images, audio, video and data processing.
  • Design & Manufacture Ultra-High Frequency equipments


  • Modern laboratories in all EE academic and research areas
  • Modern Ultra-High Frequency laboratories and anechoic chamber

Career opportunities:

  • Working at foreign or domestic companies and corporations in the field of IC & electronics design, information technology, and automation.
  • Working at the media corporations, domestic and foreign mobile networks operators, and aviation & transportation companies.
  • Working in the Entertainment & Advertisement industries.
  • Starting a new business, developing & marketing new products in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication

Major: Control Engineering & Automation
Code: D520216 | Exam Categories: A, A1

Major: Automation and Control Engineering

  • Wide and deep knowledge of automation and control systems in the modern industry and related fields
  • Measuring and control via computer or microcontroller chip
  • Design and operate automated production line.
  • Design Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems
  • Design and operate robots.


  • Modern laboratories in all EE academic and research areas
  • Variety sets of robots for practical approach, study and competition..

Career opportunities:

  • Working at domestic or foreign companies in the fields related to automation and consumer electronics manufacturing, food industry, automobile manufacturing, oil and gas industry...
  • Starting business, consulting and providing practical solutions in the field of automation, automated equipments…
  • Working as a project manager, technical experts in domestic or foreign or government companies…