IU has built up a 920m2 canteen located in the ground floor with 5 stalls serving breakfast, lunch and refreshment for all IU students, faculty and staff during resting time.
Besides, there are also coffee and smoothies’ corners at floor 2, block A1 and beverages’ such as milk tea, coffee and pastries at floor 4, block A2.

International University’s panorama looked down from above.

The passage to canteen.




Coffee shop at second floor, block A1



Coffee shop at forth floor, block A2


Location: 3rd Floor, block A1, International University
Area: 52,29m2 (width 8.3 m, length 6.3m)
Uni Mart convenience store’s product structure and stationery:

The convenience store provides products for students’ simultaneous demands while learning at university such as fast food, soft drinks, ice cream, instant noodles, and selective confectionery. In particular, there are several product lines for international students from many countries like Korea, Laos, Cambodia... such as Korean noodles, rice rolls...

Supplying stationery products which are currently sold in the market  and stationery products associated with International University’s brand identity as well as Uni-Mart’s to serve students’ studying such as pens, books, paper, rulers, erasers, covers, bags, briefcases, glues, stickers, cards, wrapping papers...

IU Brand Identity
Providing students and faculty the product lines of IU brand recognition for example: shirts, hats, backpacks, bags, clocks, graduation teddy bear, bracelets, cups, water bottles...

Students selling products on consignment

Uni Mart and Uni Mart Online Store is the place for students to implement their business ideas with products for student-customers in the form of consignment and become Uni Mart’s suppliers.