A. Vision

By the year 2020, the Vietnam National University HCMC – International University will become a top research-oriented university of Vietnam, which has strong collaborations with world wide prestigious universities, institutes, industries, local provinces and society.

B. Missions

  • Offering high-quality graduate and undergraduate education in multi-disciplinary. All educational programs are internationally  accredited (AUN and ABET)
  • Offering excellent research including basic and applied research to meet the needs of industry, local provinces and society.
  • Taking the pioneer role in  Vietnam by practicing management excellence, inspiring and assisting other VNU members in the advancement toward the development of Vietnam National University – HCMC as a whole.

C. In the short term

The International University strives to become a moderately sized, research oriented university, with an international work and study environment, where a strong faculty and staff provide quality training in key subjects to a highly motivated student body of Vietnamese and International learners and whose reputation as a top-level institute of higher learning attracts top-notch learners, researchers and lecturers.

The International University will soon create a development strategy for the next 5 years and 10 years which will introduce and implement new policies on salary, clarify systems of process, provide work and function descriptions for the whole university, and establish international standards for the recruitment of staff and faculty.

The International University will also review and improve the training program with the goal of providing our students with an international standard education, approaching the quality of world’s top universities. The intermediate goal will be to match the academic standards of top tier American universities, so as to permit transfers of credits and allow for future collaboration to be based on the principles of equal cooperation and mutual benefit.

The International University will establish policies to ensure that 100% of staff and faculty will be afforded the opportunity to receive domestic and overseas professional training, with the goal of insuring that the training provided, research conducted and administrative support given are of the highest possible quality.