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Monday, 19/09/2016

New Program: Master Degree in Food Technology

Since the graduate admission 2016, International University has offered new major Food Technology. By completing the Master program in Food Technology at the International University, the graduates could gain employment as a superiors or managers at the Domestic and International Food Corporations and Factories, Research Institutes, Universities or Government Agencies for improving food product quality, new food product development, innovation of food processing and preservation technology, food quality control and assurance, management and consultancy of food nutrition. The graduates will contribute their knowledge and skills to develop the Vietnam’s agricultural product processing industries including these areas: Food Processing Technology, Food Preservation Technology, Food Nutrition, Food Quality Assurance and Food Safety.

1. The program is divided into 3 concentrations:

  • (1) innovative technology for new food product development;
  • (2) post-harvest technology
  • (3) food nutrition and food safety.

2. Enrollment:


Pre-master requirements

Type 1:
Applicants who hold degree of Bachelor of Science in Food Technology

Not required

Type 2:
Applicants who hold degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

1. Food Engineering Principle - 4 credits
2. Food Microorganism - 4 credits

Type 3:
Applicants who hold degree of Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Biology, Medical, Pharmacy, Agriculture and Aquaculture

1. Food Engineering Principle - 4 credits
2. Food Unit Operation 1 -  4 credits

3. Contact information:

Department of Food Technology, School of Biotechnology

Room O1.706

Tel: (84-8) 37244270 – Ext: 3824

Website: : http://www.hcmiu.edu.vn/Tuyen-sinh-Admissions/Tuyen-sinh-Sau-dai-hoc-Graduate-Admission/Chuong-trinh-trong-nuoc-cap-bang-IU-degrees/Tuyen-sinh-Thac-si-Master-Admission#mbt

Application Submission- Register here: http://graduate_admissions.hcmiu.edu.vn/


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