Welcome prospective students to our Undergraduate Information page.

To become a student of International University – VNU-HCM, students must pass the Entrance Examination held by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Besides, IU has applied for Admissions approval (that means students who do not attend the college entrance exam) for foreign students, and students from international high schools in Vietnam. Requirements: results of high school graduating exam are good, and English requirement is 72 IBT TOEFL or IELTS 6.0 or higher; attendance and satisfactory in the interview with the Board of Admissions at International University – VNU-HCM. English requirements are not mandatory for candidates with the nationality of the English-speaking countries.

Successful candidates will take the English placement test in form of TOEFL test so that International University can decide intensive English courses for students as needed. English placement test is not mandatory for candidates who have TOEFL or IELTS certificates.

At present, International University offers two degree programs:

1.       Bachelor of Science/Engineering issued by IU (Click the link for more details)

2.      Bachelor of Science/Engineering issued by the partner universities in our twinning program.(Click the link for more details)