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Introduction will provide the history, mission and vision of International University. Besides, it also introduces organizational structure: BOR and function of each department of the International University


To find information about IU’s sectors of graduate and undergraduate training. Please see the following article


Provide information related to Admission procedures of domestic programs and twinning programs at International University. Please view the following information:

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Currently, International University is developing according to scientific orientation including basic research and applied research, technology transferring to industry and society. For more information about scientific publications, forms and projects please see the following article:

International relation

After more than 10 years of establishment, IU has established relationship with 112 universities and research Institutes in domestic and abroad. Cooperative activities has been implementing with the various oversea partners. Details are as follows:

Schools and departments

With 4 schools and 6 departments, IU has 14 majors with graduate and undergraduate levels. Details are as follows:


IU’s library has more than 120.000 books including textbooks, journals, thesis with a wide range of library services provided to meets the needs of students.

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Transparent information

According to Circular No.09 / 2009 / TT-BGDĐT of Ministry of Education and Training of Transparent regulation for the education institutions under the National education system. International University has reported performing Transparent Information. Details:

Educational accreditation

With the objective of ensuring the international standard quality and reaching the regional standards AUN. That is considered as one of the important goals to achieve as soon as possible on integration journey. For more information of AUN and the accredited programs of IU, please view the following items

Internal information

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Youth union

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