Department of Environmental Engineering

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Department of Environmental Engineering is established in July 2017 with its mission is to educate environmental engineers with qualified professional and high skills to deal with environmental problems (water pollution, air pollution and solid waste management) in Vietnam and all over the world.


Environmental Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that integrates the knowledge of chemistry, microbiology and civil engineering to tackle with the emerging environmental issues such as water pollution, air pollution and waste disposal. The program aims to educate the environmental engineers that meet the need of the industry, society, and scientific community.

The program is designed according to the ABET’s guidelines, including 4 years (from 8 to 9 semesters, depending on student’s English fluency level) for 145 credits.


The graduates will have full capability to work at: 

  • Business section: environmental consultant companies; utility service companies (water supply, waste water treatment, waste management, air pollution control); HSE- environment department of industrial factory and manufacturers.  
  • Governmental section: governmental organizations, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, and environmental management organization and agencies.  
  • Institutional section:  Environmental organization and institutions, international organization and associations, NGO, research institution, universities.  


  • Environmental chemistry; Treatment of wastewater and emissions by biotechnology; Treatment of difficult to decompose compounds by mineral materials 
  • Gas treatment, water treatment, ferrate material
  • Water quality, Antimicrobial resistance, Quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA), Biomonitoring, Bioremediation
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation, green energy, low carbon society, sustainable development 
  • Solid waste treatment; Composting; Biodegradation


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