Quality Assurance Activities at International University

International University (IU) always prioritizes quality, especially with respect to assessing and accrediting education quality according to international standards. In order to succeed in achieving the goals and fulfill the requirements of international standards, IU adopted the Total Quality Management (TQM) model, which was created with feedback from its staff in 2005 and has been implemented across the university in 2007. TQM system operates at two levels: the university level and the faculty level. These two levels provide a quality assurance process in most areas of IU. This system ensures that staff members control the compliance process appropriately in accordance with international standards for prestigious university (Figure 1).

Figure 1.Total Quality Management Model at International University
(Assoc. Prof. Ho Thanh Phong, 2009)

While being enrolled in ASEAN University Network (AUN) and The American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), TQM was transformed into Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) model in 2010 as follows:

The quality assurance model at the institutional level begins with stakeholders’ demands, which are reflected the vision, responsibility, and goals for the 5-year period of the university (1). In other words, quality assurance will always start with questions in regard to mission and goals, and complete with accomplishments such as stakeholders’ satisfaction (8) and national and international recognition (7 and 9). 

The IQA model covers the following areas:

• Internal quality control based on the AUN-QA, ABET standards.

• Quality control at the institution level based on the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) standards.

• Special quality control: stakeholder feedback systems, internal and external assessment.

• Operating, monitoring and improving the system.

After 6 years since establishment, in 2009 "Computer Science and Engineering" program’s quality was accredited by AUN-QA accordingly to 15 criteria with 68 categories and each criterion is evaluated on a scale of 7 by where 4 is considered "Adequate as Expected" and 5 is "Excellent".

Over the previous years, the self-assessment and external assessment activities have been seriously and rigorously implemented by the university leaders. The results are impressive as the university has a high number of programs successfully completed AUN-QA (a total of 9 programs were assessed by AUN-QA, including 02 master and 03 undergraduate programs was re-assessment). In addition, IU was the first educational institution of the South assessed by MOET in 2016 with the best result till now. 

Table 1. Programs have successfully completed the AUN-QA Actual Quality Assessment


Academic Programs

Year of Accreditation


Computer Science

2009, 2017



2011, 2017


Business Administration

2012, 2017


Electrical Engineering



Industrial and Systems Engineering



Biomedical Engineering



Master of Biotechnology



Master of Industrial and Systems Engineering



Food Technology



Per the development strategy for the period 2016-2020, the university has specified its objective of assuring and improving its quality through specific activities such as: assessment and accreditation of programs level/institutional level in relation to international standards and university rankings.

See details at http://qlcl.hcmiu.edu.vn