Thursday, 27/04/2017

Honda Vietnam launches the 12th Honda Award for Young Engineer and Scientist (Honda Y-E-S Award) in 2017

I. About Honda Y-E-S Award

The Honda Y-E-S Award (Honda Award for Young Engineer and Scientist), founded by Honda Foundation in Japan, is the annual award for young talents in the field of eco-technology as well as future leaders in science and technology field from 5 Asian emerging countries, including Vietnam, India, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

The Honda Y-E-S Award has 2 stage: Honda Y-E-S Award and Y-E-S Award Plus.

Stage 1: Y-E-S Award

An award of Three Thousand United States Dollars (3,000 USD) and 01 Honda Vietnam motorbike will be given to top 10 students who are chosen through the application process, including: Dossier evaluation, Essay writing and Interview.

Stage 2: Y-E-S Award Plus

This is the second period of Honda Y-E-S Award. In 3 years after achieving Honda Y-E-S Award, each students will have chance to receive the Y-E-S Plus Reward, which is equal to Ten Thousand United States Dollars (10,000 USD) per person for his/her postgraduate study such as Master or PhD at universities in Japan for more than one (1) year, or 7,000 USD per person for his/her part time study in Japan for more than ten (10) weeks, plus Three Thousand United States Dollars (3,000 USD) per person as a preparation fee when he/she returns back to Japan again for the postgraduate study after his/her part-time study. At the moment, there are 24 post awardees, who got the Honda Y-E-S Award, continue to reach the Y-E-S Plus.

After 11 years, there have been more than 900 students apply for this award, in which 110 students achieved Honda Y-E-S Award, especially, there have been 24 post awardees receiving Y-E-S Plus (2nd stage of Honda Y-E-S Award) to take the Master, PhD degree or Internship courseat universities and research institutes in Japan.

II. Progress of Honda Y-E-S Award 2017:

The 12th Honda Y-E-S Award continues to be organized by Honda Vietnam (HVN) in corporation with Honda Foundation (HOF) and National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies (NISTPASS) – Ministry of Information and Communication. This award is officially launched by April 20th, 2017 at 10 affiliated universities in Vietnam, including:

  1. Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  2. Hanoi University of Engineering and Technology – Vietnam National University
  3. Hanoi University of Science – Vietnam National University
  4. Hanoi University of Transport and Communication
  5. Danang University of Technology
  6. Ho Chi Minh University of Technology – Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City
  7. Ho Chi Minh University of Science – Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City
  8. Ho Chi Minh University of Transport
  9. Ho Chi Minh International University – Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City
  10. Hue University of Science 

III. Application eligibility

  1. Students who are Vietnamese citizen from faculties of Honda Y-E-S Award’s affiliated universities

2. Undergraduate students at 2 final years or graduate students in 2017

3. Age under 25

4. Academic achievements: reach one of following criteria:

·         Reaching GPA from 8.0 (on a 10 scale) and 3.2 (on a 4 scale)

·         Achieving Science Research prize at university level (from 3rd prize)

·         Getting National Olympic prize(s) during college years

·         Getting VIFOTECH prize

5. Actively participate in science research and social activities, extra-curricular activities

IV. Application pack:

-       Application form

-       Updated academic transcript (certified by university)

-       Report of science research (certified by university)

-       01 copy of citizen ID card or passport (notarized)

-       Letter of Recommendation from a professor at university

-       01 photo of 4x6 taken within 6 months

-     Certificates of award(s) or prize(s) achieved during college years (copy certified by university or notarized) 

V. How to apply:

  1. Applicants download the application form (in attachment) or visit website :
  2. Applicants submit the hard copy of application pack to award office at university.

(*) Notes: Applicant must send the file of application form to organizer’s email as well as hard copy of application pack to External Relation Office (Ms. Tuong Vi - 

VI. Contact information:

 Award Office at university: External Relation Office A2.704

(Ms. Tuong Vi – Ext.: 3999)

For further information, please check the website:   


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